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Toon Character Pack

• Added smooth version of all the models, with higher vertex count.
• Added 100+ Bonus Mecanim Animations
Ignore animation warnings on import, they are harmless
• Added Archer Girl Model & Texture
• Added Girlie Girl Model & Texture
• Added Zombie Girl Texture
• Improved Male Zombie Texture(Old included)
• Gravity now applies
• Added Girl Model & Texture (working on more)
• Added Wizard Model & Texture
• Added Evil Wizard Model & Texture
• Added Knight Texture
• Added Convict Texture
• Added Santa Claus Model & Texture
• Added Elf Model & Texture
• Added Snowman (can’t move hands)
• Added Decapitation and Head Explosion
• Added Cop, Chef and Fireman Texture
• Added Blinking
• Added Ragdoll to Prefabs* +Control Script
• Added Floating Ragdoll example (Astro)
• Added Undead Yeti Texture
• Added Decapitated Prefab +Control Script
• Added Pirate Texture
• Added Camo Ninja Texture
• Added Pumking Head Model and Texture
• Fixed File Names
*Ragdoll can be though on mobile
• Added Rumbo Texture

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