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Timeflow Animation System

A flexible animation system for artists and developers offering advanced curve editing tools, procedural animations, and dynamic behaviors with a focus on motion graphics and music synchronization.

Timeflow has been built from the ground up for artists by an artist with over 10 years in the making. Drawing inspiration from industry leading tools in animation, audio, and post production, the Timeflow toolset has been used in-house for nearly a decade in game and app development, as well as leveraging Unity as a production tool for creating and publishing high quality videos, 360 and VR content, and fulldome shows.

Timeflow introduces a new way of animating in Unity, using behavior components built on strong fundamentals with proven efficiency and performance. With Timeflow, you can create motion graphics, cut scenes, full scene choreography, camera edit sequences, or simply breath life into your games and apps.

Easily add new animations and procedural behaviors to any object or property without limitations. An integrated track-based timeline view provides users with an intuitive interface that includes rich editing and creative features. This can be used to animate individual elements or choreograph entire scenes in any type of Unity project, on any target platform.

Timeflow behaviors include:

Advanced keyframing and curve editing tools with linear, quadratic, and Bezier modes.
3D Bezier node-based motion paths with velocity curves.
Procedural tween animations.
Blending between object and property states.
Sequencing Unity animation clips and Animator blend trees.
Procedurally generated motion paths.
Auto-rotation and auto-banking behaviors.
Dynamic follow and look-at.
Random and Perlin noise generation.
Dynamically placing objects on paths, terrains, and colliders.
Processing of pre-recorded and live MIDI and audio to drive audio-reactive behaviors.
Ability to link property channels to create simple or complex relationships.
The Timeflow view offers grid and snap features with built-in musical timing, as well as many time-saving and production-enhancing tools. Artists can fully work on and preview animations without having to enter play mode, allowing for fast iteration and real-time workflow. Animations can be edited while previewing and can easily be copied, pasted, and duplicated, and linked across multiple objects and properties with full undo support.

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