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Time Control and Pause Kit

The Time Control & Pause Kit is an easy to use script that allows you to add full time control and pause functionality to your projects.

– Unity 3.5, Unity 4+ & Unity 5+.
– Time Group Control the objects you want to.
– Time Global Control to pause everything.
– Works with Mecanim and Legacy Animations.
– Works with Shuriken and Legacy Particles.
– Works with DeltaTime coded Functions.
– Pauses RigidBody and RigidBody2D Physics.
– Full PLAYMAKER Integration.
– 3rd Party Support for iTween.
– 3rd Party Support for HOTween.
– 3rd Party Support for 2D Platform Controller.
– 3rd Party Support for 2D Toolkit.
– Slow and Speeds Up Audio too if required.
– Does not use TimeScale to group pause.
– Full sound effects can be turned on if required.
– Fully Event Driven for advanced custom actions.
– Clean, short and simple C# code.
– No external DLLs or external resources.
– Full documentation included.
– Fully documented examples.

Use the Time Control and Pause Kit to bring the power of time to enhance your games.

Add that little something special to your projects and grab yourself a bargin with the Time Control and Pause Kit.