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THOR Thunderstorm

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THOR violent storm is that the quickest, most user-friendly, best trying and sounding thunder and lightning system you’ll be able to get. It integrates into your project by merely dragging a prefab into your scene. It offers you everything between light-weight thunder rumbling to the foremost apocalyptic thunder and lightning strikes you’ve got ever seen in Unity.

• Automatic spawning of lightning
• Spawns arbitrarily, in private read or each
• Animated Lightning Bolts
• Animated Sheet Lightning
• Lightning Evolution
• Dynamic Spotlight with Shadows (optional)
• twenty-six top-quality Thunder Samples in four Distance classes
• three Background Thunder Loops
• Automatic Pooling
• Zero garbage pickup
• terribly Low Overdraw
• High Compatibility
• Tidy Custom Inspector with Tooltips

Unlike procedurally generated lightning assets, Norse deity violent storm depends on easy shader tricks, clever texturing & modelling, and good scripting to attain its blazing quick performance, nice appearance, and sounds.

THOR violent storm is employed within the “Made With Unity” game D.R.O.N.E.

The goal is to produce an easy answer to feature dynamic thunder and lightning to your scenes in an automatic approach. Norse deity violent storm has been designed with four aspects in mind:

• Performance THOR Thunderstorm is extremely quick as a result of it uses – easy shaders, only a few textures, pooling, a minimum range of audio sources, only one spotlight.

• Simplicity THOR Thunderstorm is extremely simple to use. you’re able to use it by simply adding the THOR_ violent storm prefab to your scene. The tidy custom inspector exposes solely what you wish. If you wish additional management you’ll be able to enter the advanced settings. each property within the inspector has helpful tooltips.