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Third Person Cover Shooter Template

⚡Patch 1.3.1
-Implemented friendly fire prevention
-Many AI behaviour and decision-making fixes and improvements
-Implemented AI debugging and visualization
-Changed how peeking over corners works
-Changed how aiming back from tall cover works

⚡ Third Person Cover Shooter Template Patch 1.3
-Added Grenades
-Added an Alerts system where various sounds and events notify AI of an enemy presence.
-AI can attack non-character objects (for example, security cameras).
-Added character rolling.
-Added AI patrols.
-Added AI investigations.
-AI can forget about the enemy.
-Hitboxes. Characters take different damage depending on where they are hit.
-Added idle state when characters are not aiming while standing still.
-Camera collisions, obstacle avoidance.
-Arms can aim independently from bodies.
-Added character sprinting.
-Character sleep system. Components are turned off for characters that are far away.
Beginnings of AI group behaviour. The number of aggressive AI attacking at the same time can be limited.
-Better AI communication. Information about the enemy and investigation is passed between the AI.
-Beginnings of an obstacle fading system.

⚡Third Person Cover Shooter Template Patch 1.2
– New mobile controls for the top-down version of the game
– Animations tweaked to look better on mobile from the top camera.
– Added AI field of view.

⚡Future updates:
Will add more animations, more guns, items management, enemy factions, multiplayer, menu system. Player abilities etc..

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Download For Free 1.6.2.Unity.PackageDownload
Download For Free 1.6.2.Unity.PackageDownload

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