Third Person Cover Shooter Template

Download Third Person Cover Shooter Template Free Unity

⚡It is the best asset if you want to make a Third person or Top-down Cover Shooter.

⚡It has a smooth and responsive controller
⚡It has a fun and polished gunplay and melee combat.
⚡And It has amazing and believable AI!
⚡Mobile controls for TopDown view
⚡Strategy mode for PC TopDown view

⚡Inspired by combat in games like Mass effect, Division, Ghost Recon Online, we made a template to help you to make those kinds of games. Now you can skip months of prototyping gameplay, just jump in and make your Cover Shooter!

⚡Patch 1.6
-Melee system
-Machete combat
-Fists combat
-New weapon shotgun
-New animated crosshair system
-Reworked recoil
-Camera shake
-Zombie AI

⚡Patch 1.5 Controller rework, Abilities, AI teams.
Enjoy new more powerful and polished controller
AI can follow a player and use abilities to heal or protect
Up to 20 times performance improvements for AI
Newly updated animations
Camera improvements
IK improvements around covers
Smooth transition into covers

⚡Patch 1.4 Smart AI just got a lot smarter.
AI can call back up or police
AI can be fighter or civilian
Smart AI spawn system
Sniper rifle or pistol with zoom
Climb tall covers
Night scene with AI Investigation mode
Low visibility “grass” zone to hide in
And many more improvements

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