Third Person Controller Shooter Template

Download Third Person Controller Shooter Template unity free

Third Person Controller Shooter Template

Third Person Controller Shooter Template is inspired by AAA shooters and includes all the features of the Basic & Melee template

After more than 1 year building up a solid base with the [ Basic Locomotion ] and the
[ Melee Combat ] we finally publish our most requested template


– third-person, TopDown or 2.5D Shooter
– Fire Weapons
– Projectile bullets with a trail renderer
– Throwing objects with Trajectory system (granade, bottles, etc..)
– Melee attacks for fire weapons
– Advanced damage based on distance & velocity
– Decal for projectiles based on tags (different materials)
– Advanced Scope View
– Aiming System with dispersion, range, shot frequency, recoil, etc…
– Particles to emit on attack

– Archery System included


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  1. safoan B A

    hello i have noticed all of a sudden unity assets4 free site doesnt contains any more download links
    means you cant download any assets from this site why? and can you fix this?

    1. mdazhar007

      Download link js always there. It’s just, you need to click to numeric 2 to go to next page. You will find button.

  2. rithik

    Hey , if asked, will u be able to send the Invoice Number?? Pls reply as for Integration with other assets, we need to have the Invoice Number like as seen in the case of Opsive with Inventory

    1. Unityassets4free

      We won’t provide any license key or invoice number. Sorry!

  3. ms

    Please share the latest version (2.5.6b) of this kit

    1. Unityassets4free

      We will notify you once we update

  4. Chirag

    is this game also for android

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