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Third Person Controller Melee Combat Template

Download Third Person Controller Melee Combat Template Free Unity

AAA Quality 3rd Person Controller
Melee Combat Template

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Developing a 3rd Person Controller is really hard and takes too much time, so we developed this awesome template so you can set up a character controller or AI in less than 10 seconds and melee combat within minutes, leaving space for you to focus on making your game!

With this melee combat template, you have a starting point to make any type of 3rd Person Game, RPG, Action-Adventure, 2.5D Platform, Isometric, Topdown, etc. Your call, your game.

Features >
– Set up any model in less than 10s
– Rigidbody, root motion and non-root motion controller
– Advanced Enemy AI
– Enemy VS Enemy & Companion AI
– Waypoint System
– Lock-on Target
– Mecanim & Humanoid
– 3rd Person Camera with CameraStates
– Works great on mobile devices
– 360 controller compatible with vibration
– Autodetected input type real-time
– FootStep audio system on mesh or terrain
– Fully commented C# code
– Documentation and video tutorials
– Play with ragdoll physics