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Theme Park – Animated

A fixed camera on the rides seats is implemented for the best user experience.

Included rides (Poly Count):
AirPlane : 12.9k
BumperCars : 25.4k
CliffHanger : 13.5k
Enterprise : 34.7k
octopus : 28.5k
RollerCoaster : 57.2k
TeaCup : 22.4k
Trebuchet : 16.8k
Troika : 10.2k
TrumbleBug :15.4k
Wheel : 14.8k
Windseeker : 64.8K Horror Castle:
The Claw:
Wipe Out:

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Download Theme Park – Animated Free Unity.

Download For Free Server 1DOWNLOAD
Download For Free Server 2DOWNLOAD

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