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The Vegetation Engine is a set of highly optimized vegetation shaders and tools designed to unify any vegetation asset from the Unity Asset Store, SpeedTree, Quixel Megascans, etc. or custom vegetation authored by your team.

With one-click setup and conversion for prefabs, and with a comprehensive set of modular detailing elements, you will be able to easily add high-quality dynamic-wind motion and interaction with unlimited objects or characters, dynamic seasons, global overlay (snow, sand, dust), global wetness, global healthiness for subsurface control, tinting, HDR tinting for fake Lights or GI, size, distance-based size fade or leaves amount, with minimal performance impact!

With the new Object shaders you can now apply global overlay and wetness to unify the props with the vegetation assets. The new Object shaders have vertex painting (Polybrush or any other vertex painting tool) and top/bottom projection height based blending support for even greater detailing.

The Vegetations Engine allows using any vegetation asset with Universal Render Pipeline and High Definition Render Pipeline with a few clicks, even if the asset was not designed initially to be used with Scriptable Render Pipelines!

The Vegetation Engine includes an Amplify Base Function when using Amplify Shader Editor. With over 50 options you can generate your own vegetation or props shaders with only the options you need and the optimizations/quality required for your project!


The Vegetation Engine supports the following Render Pipelines:
● Standard Render Pipeline 2018.3+
● Universal Render Pipeline 7.2.1+
● HD Render Pipeline 7.2.1+

The Vegetation Engine has integration with the following 3rd party tools:
● Amplify Shader Editor – Full shader editing support
● Nature Renderer – Procedural Instancing support
● Vegetation Studio – Instanced Indirect support
● Vegetation Studio Pro – Instanced Indirect support
● GPU Instancer – Instanced Indirect support

The Vegetation Engine supports vegetation created with the following tools:
● MTree (procedural setup) – Powerful tree creation tool for the Unity
● Speedtree – Profesional vegetation creation tool
● Unity Tree Creator – Built-in Unity tree creation tool
● CTI – Advanced vegetation importer tool
● TreeIt – Free vegetation creation tool

The Vegetation Engine supports the following 3rd party vegetation assets:
● Quixel Megascans – All vegetation assets
● Nature Manufacture – All vegetation assets
● Manufactura K4 – Alien Forest / Coniferous Forest / All Tree Creator Assets
● Synty Studios – POLYGON – Nature Pack
● Angry Mesh – All vegetation assets
● ALP8310 – All vegetation assets
● Visual Design cafe – All vegetation assets
● IL.ranch – All vegetation assets
● Forst – All CTI vegetation assets
● Baldinoboy – All CTI and Tree Creator vegetation assets
● TriForge – Winter Forest CTI vegetation assets
● Tobyfredson – Rocky Hills CTI vegetation assets
● Infinity PBR – Book Of The Dead vegetation
● Raygeas 4 – Stylized Forest Environment
● Northeast Asset – Stylized Nature Vol.1
● Digifanter – Big Nature Pack
● Mikael Gustafsson – All vegetation assets
● Custom Meshes – User setup or Procedural setup

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