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The Vegetation Engine | Terrain Details Module

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○ Overview

The Vegetation Engine • Terrain Details Module brings the features from the Vegetation Engine to the terrain details shaders. Enable high-quality wind, interaction, tinting, snow, leaves amount, and distance fade for your grass and flower details!

The Vegetation Engine • Terrain Details Module works with any tool designed to work with the terrain detail system such as Gaia, MapMagic, MegaWorld, etc.

⚠ Requirements

The Vegetation Engine 4.0.0+ asset is required for the module to work!

? The Vegetation Engine is a set of high-quality shaders and tools designed to unify 3rd party vegetation under the same system. Enable high-quality wind motion, interaction, seasons, wetness, subsurface, height-based blending, etc. for all vegetation assets with Standard, Universal, or HD Render Pipeline!

○ Features

✓ The Vegetation Engine systems support: Motion, Seasons, Overlay, Wetness

✓ The Vegetation Engine elements support: Colors, Overlay, Wetness, Leaves, Motion Interaction, Motion Direction, Motion Flow, Wind Power

✓ High-quality wind animation

✓ Distance Fade support

✓ Global Alpha Threshold control

✓ Amplify Shader Editor support

✓ Zero global keywords used

✓ Full source code included

✓ Demo scene included

○ Limitations