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The Vegetation Engine | Mobile Shaders Module

✓ Baked Detail Blending support for Bark and Props

✓ Top Projection Detail Blending support Object shaders

✓ Distance Size Fade support

✓ Amplify Shader Editor support

✓ Zero global keywords used

✓ Basic demo scene included

○ Limitations

? Shader Model 4.0+ capable devices are required (Desktop / High-End Mobile)

? Scalable Ambient Obscurance is not supported in Forward Rendering

? Beta and Alpha Unity versions are not officially supported

? HDRP is not supported and it is out of scope

○ Disclaimer

⚑ The Simple Lit shaders have 2x fewer shader instructions compared to the default shaders and the Vertex Lit shaders up to 4x. Please keep in mind that using optimized shaders will not solve the performance optimizations on mobile!

⚑ The mobile shaders have basic features like snow, wetness, size fade, colors, and vertex elements support always enabled! They can be further optimized using the Amplify Base Function, by disabling the features you don’t need!

○ More Assets

✓ The Vegetation Engine • Unified wind shaders for any vegetation

✓ The Vegetation Engine • Amplify Impostors Module

✓ The Vegetation Engine • Polygonal Shaders Module

✓ The Vegetation Engine • Terrain Elements Module

✓ The Vegetation Engine • Terrain Details Module

✓ Atmospheric Height Fog • Optimized fog for consoles, mobile, and VR

✓ Polyverse Wind • Wind shaders compatible with any low poly assets

✓ Polyverse Skies • Low poly skybox shaders

✓ Free Skybox Shader • Cubemap extended shader

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