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The Probe

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This 3d game resource is UNITY READY.

Kindly observe this Unity Community string for an outlined and state-of-the-art review.

You can see the advantage on sketchfab here, here, here and here.

In the event that you import the bundle and Unity specifies:

“A material is utilizing the surface as a typical guide. The surface must be set apart as a typical guide in the import settings.”

You have the choice to overlook or to fix this now.

You ought to disregard, in the event that you plan to utilize the procedural substance materials.

You should fix now, in the event that you expect to utilize the static standard materials.

The Probe is around, unmanned vehicle fit for gliding and flying and equivalent to an automaton in its self-governing or remote-controlled activity.

This advantage is very pointed by point and made with an eye towards the present and cutting edge needs in the gaming, VR and ongoing film spaces.

While not explicitly publicized as a measured resource, the test is worked from and given as 4 fundamental work parts:





Note, that within the part is really 2 separate cross-sections – front and back.

Every one of the 4 fundamental parts has its own surface set and material.

Having within parts isolated permits you to not render them, on the off chance that you decide to have the front and back parts connected. This spares surface memory and abstains from rendering superfluous polygons.

Simultaneously it’s giving you the adaptability to get progressively out of the advantage, just as giving us the adaptability to possibly expand the benefit later on, despite the fact that that totally relies upon how The Probe acts as far as deals.

In the event that you would be keen on expansions to this benefit of any sort, we invite your info and recommendations either here or by means of email at

Materials for The Probe are given in type of substance .sbsar records, which contain procedural materials taking into account noteworthy customization.


2 fundamental, plain material decisions – painted metal and plastics

a blend of both, where the plastic parts go about as accents to the painted metal parts

a fourth cover material

emissive controls for each

parametric earth