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The Online Multiplayer Template (Advanced)

⭐️ This more advanced multiplayer template makes developing complex multiplayer games easy for beginners and intermediates at an affordable price.

Being the successor asset of the original template, this pack offers the same polished quality but only better with double the original features.

⚡ This powerful template has all the essential and advanced features to help you create your own complex multiplayer games. In addition, this polished and optimized asset packs advanced features like voice chat, character selection, room list and in-game text chat to make your games stand out from the rest.

? Being the #1 Multiplayer Service in the world, Photon powers this template, making your games feel like AAA titles. Moreover, this asset is cross-platform and works on most platforms, including mobile.

? Customization is a priority. Regardless of its increased size, this asset keeps being clean and easy to understand, helping you customize it. All the features are separated in their own scripts, letting you easily navigate through them. Furthermore, this asset isn’t built around a genre, meaning you can transform it into whatever type of game you want.

? Frequently updated, this template keeps its modern look and feel without bugs, and with new add-ons, you can upgrade it anytime. To view the progress of this asset and its add-ons, look into the roadmap.

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