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The Map Pings / Comunication / Trackers FX

Hey! Do you want yo follow my daily VFX work? ¬°Nice! ūüėČ

Here in this pack you will find a good variety of Map Pings / Comunication / Map Trackers VFX for your project!

I made:
– 18¬†Traditional Map Ping Styles¬†VFX, with 3 different colors each one ūüôā That’s 54 prefabs.
– 5 different¬†Comunication Map Pings¬†ūüėÄ
with 3 different effects each one. So that’s 15 prefabs.
РTotal: 69 Prefabs
– The VFX are made completely with Unity’s Particle System and basic Unity Shaders. No custom ones.

¬°ENJOY! ūüėČ

And don’t forget, ¬°ANYTHING! you need, just contact me ūüôā

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