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The Lost Lands

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The Lost Land is no doubt the most rated and a top-quality standard conventionalized art package that contains rigorously crafted animated 3D models which can assist you to make nature environments, jungle landscapes & temple minded scenes.

All that packed into one easy-to-use package that comes with example scenes, FX, Color Grading profiles & prefabs. good for mobile, VR, desktop & consoles!

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What’s Inside:
▲ 60+ 3D Models including four trees (3 Animated), 3 Lianas, 6 Ivy’s, five Animated Bushes, half dozen Animated Plants, 5 Rocks, 5 Stones, 8 Walls, eight Stone slabs, eight Stone walks, thirteen Monuments, twelve Assembled Modules
▲ one totally rigged Character (Animated victimisation – Animations not included) with the torch
▲ Everything that is on screenshots is enclosed within this package ▲ half dozen Combined Monuments to make levels
▲ 30+ Materials
▲ four Scenes: person Jungle read, top-down Scene, tokenish Scene, components Showcase Scene
▲ three FX Effects including Leafs Particles, Animated Lights Shafts / God Rays created victimisation Particle System & mud Sparks Particles, Bloom Sunset Effects, Torch Fire

The Lost Lands Features:
▲ simple to use – drag & drop workflow and you’re able to go
▲ standard workflow
▲ ready-made presets for a fast preview of various look
▲ constant updates and new options
▲ active development & support
▲ clean & distinctive trendy vogue