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[The Jade Sword] Oriental Monsters – EP1.WILD

[The Jade Sword]
It’s all about a chinese fantasy legend, inspired by story ‘WEST JOURNEY’ and ‘Canonization of the Gods’

[WILD pack]
In mountains and forests, there are beasts who also have spirit to think as human.Some of them can even use magic power and strategy.
Ancient Tree : 2562 tris, 512×512 texture
Black Bear : 1229 tris, 512×512 texture
Flower Fae : 3416 tris, 256×256 texture
Monkey Fighter : 2501 tris, 256×256 texturer
Monkey King : 3874 tris, 512×512 texturer
Rat Rogue : 2578 tris, 512×512 texturer
Rock Golem : 2790 tris, 256×256 texturer
Fox : 2416 tris, 256×256 texturer

-HQ with light up shader,up to 1024 texture -Mobile ready! -Characters Designed by a famous writter, they are alive, they have details in art design

[About them]
They were used in my last individual game The Jade Sword.
But sadly my game failed because of many tech problems.

I am going to release them for all of you who like Oriental Style Games especially Chinese legends.

-Models with a full set of animations
walk, get hit, run, stand, standby and a design of skills -HQ up to 1024 texture and a beautiful shader for mobile

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