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The Illustrated Nature

Default 3D, LWRP (2019.1 and above) & URP prepared.

New! Summer & Winter themes.

The Illustrated Nature is a complete 3D surroundings pack, created for those that need to inform a story during a colourful and aesthetic world.

The package is created out of a series of artificial vegetation models (trees, shrubs, grass, rocks, plants), shaders, image effects and scripts place along during a scene with sounds and music, with the goal to form it helpful and prepared to use in any project.
You will be able to simply amendment the season’s victimisation the colour Manager tool and therefore the enclosed shaders.
The shaders accompany the choice to activate snow with one click. change the planning of the scene from a refined frost during a cold morning to significant snow within the middle of the winter.

Some of the highlighted options of the package are:
2 Demo Scenes – one massive surrounding to explore and a second smaller pine forest.
Colour Palettes – four enclosed colour palettes, and time of year.
Colored Fog – custom fog image result that helps you to management the colours of the fog and stylises it to your desires.
Clouds – cloud answer supported particle system, with infinite variations.
Custom Shaders – animated vegetation, snow layer for the winter season, tract colours that may be controlled through the material.
Colored Water – custom water shader, straightforward to stylise to your desires.
Colour Manager (Script) – a comprehensive tool to manage the colours on your materials from one place. you’re able to produce as several colour palettes as you would like and simply switch between them.

The style of the art is exclusive and created during a method which will enable you to customise it to your desires. There are fourteen individual white textures with alpha for the vegetation, compressed at a 256×256 size. All the colours within the scene are controlled through the colour property of the materials.

The Illustrated Nature contains twenty-four distinctive models and over forty prefab variations:
3 x foliate trees – lush and dead versions with LODs.
3 x pine trees – inexperienced and dead version with LODs.
3 x shrubs – lush and dead versions with LODs.
3 x rocks – fastidiously graven to figure well little and enormous.
5 x plants – an aquatic plant and flowers to feature colour accents to your lush plains.
3 x grass – optimized with LODs and prepared to use over massive areas.
5 x dead ground models – branches and leaves to feature detail to your ground.