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Text Animator for Unity

Bring your dialogues to life, animating your game texts with this easy to use and customize the plugin.

– Documentation: learn everything about Text Animator and feel comfortable even before getting it.
– Limitations: read its requirements and learn exactly what you can do.
– Contact me: for any questions or support requests.

– Create your own effects in the Inspector.
– Powerful and Flexible.
– 15+ effects ready to use.
– Supports multiple effects, stackable on the same letters.
– Requires TextMeshPro *, supporting its emotes, alignments and custom fonts.
– Quick to set up.
– Shows text dynamically (like a typewriter), with different appearance effects.
– Call Events from text and perform any action.
– Supports external Dialogue Systems and Plugins (some already integrated!).
– Short, detailed and easy to read Documentation.
*30 TextMeshPro’s tags are compatible. Read the limitations page for more.

– Dialogue System for Unity
– PlayMaker
– Yarn Spinner
– Naninovel (partial)
You can also integrate your own Dialogue Systems and Plugins! (some are already planned in the future!). Take a look at the documentation for more.

– Show text dynamically with multiple appearance effects.
– Trigger events when a word/letter has been showed.
– Play sounds for each letter.
– Waits for multiple pauses for specific characters (like punctuation).
– Via tags, waits for X seconds, or for player input.
– Increase or decrease its speed while typing.
– Skip the typewriter and show the entire text on player input.

– Create your own Effects, Features, and Typewriters in C#.
– Effects can also be created in the inspector.