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TerraWorld 2023 – Node-Based Real-World 3D Terrain Tool

TerraWorld 2023 is a real-world 3D scene generator and can generate any part of the Earth as a digital twin based on natural environments.

TerraWorld 2023 is a highly performant real-world 3D world generator via its advanced GPU renderer and camera-driven events for intelligent object rendering and culling which can generate huge and highly detailed 3D levels for your games and simulations.

TerraWorld 2023 has become available through its 3 years of development and serving thousands of indie to professional game & simulation developers.

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Whether you are an experienced developer or just getting started, the intuitive Node-Based interface and streamlined workflow of TerraWorld 2023 make it easy to create high-quality 3D scenes with just a few clicks.

For this, we made the whole process of making a desirable 3D scene from any location on Earth into 3 simple steps of:

+ Define Area of Interest (e.g., 8x8km2 region in Swiss Alps)

+ Select World Style ✪

+ Hit the Generate button!

✪ Current version includes a reference template (Stylized Forest) and other templates will come as a separate paid package later.


And finally, a truly immersive game world is being created that will transport your players to any location on our beautiful Earth.

???? Download Playable Demo Scene

Savannah Shooter Game Download and Play