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TerraLand 4 – Streaming Huge Real-World Scenes

⚡ Select a region on map ⚡ Create base server with terrains ⚡ Add your items on world cells via EDIT mode (e.g. buildings, trees…) ⚡ Publish server locally/remotely ⚡ World is streamed for players

???? Download, Play & Test CLOUD STREAMING in TerraLand 4

Kagoshima 2178: Galactic Nexus Download and Play

New York City Digital Twin Download and Play

New York City Digital Twin (Mixed Reality) Download and Play


Deals & Discounts (Upgrade Path):

⚡ TerraLand 4 -> TerraWorld 2023: 40% off

⚡ TerraLand 4 -> TerraFormer: 75% off (Time Limited Offer)


⚡ Mac users with M1/M2 chips, should use the Intel version of Unity editor instead of Silicon versions due to Unity’s limitations with native DLLs and libraries on Silicon.


So basically TerraLand 4 will make terrains as base for your open-world game or simulation as the most time-consuming process in level design pipeline.

✔ The Earth gave us these mountains and hills so why bother to go procedural of what’s already there! 😉

Then you can start adding your own 3D models and items on top of these terrains as world chunks and customize the scene with own style via custom materials and effects.

✔ Whether your art style is Realistic from a real-world location on Earth or a Stylish one with procedural terrain and content, your players will never know how it all started!

Finally publish generated huge scene environment in a server and your players can navigate around the scene (walk, drive, fly, teleport…) while world chunks are streaming from your published server locally or remotely.