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TerraLand 3

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Before or after importing package, go to Player tab in Project Settings
*** Change API Compatibility Level to .NET 4.x
*** Change Scripting Runtime Version to .NET 4.x (Not needed in Unity 2019.2 & later)
All errors will be gone after this.

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TerraLand creates high resolution Terrains both in Static & Dynamic Streaming scenes.

TerraLand is not only for Real-World Terrains but also for user-customized terrain data files to create any surfaces (e.g. Moon, Mars) from any external terrain generators (e.g. World Machine, Geoglyph, World Creator, Houdini & etc.).

The built-in Streaming feature in TerraLand, takes Unity Terrains to a whole new level where huge worlds will be updated in a smart behavior around the player using combination of multi-threading & asynchronous functions without being worried about performance.

TerraLand can also load splatmaps in runtime, so any renders from World Machine, Geoglyph, World Creator, Houdini & etc. can be converted to streaming tiles easily.

By utilizing processors in TerraLand, it becomes a complete suite for terrain enthusiasts who need any terrain editing operations inside Unity without even leaving it.

While the interface gives accurate coordinates data to users, detailed geo-location & geo-referencing operations in any complex GIS/Simulation/Gaming projects are simply possible.

We made TerraLand 3 a comprehensive package with lots of demo scenes & simple informative tutorials to quickly get you started in various terrain manipulations inside Unity.

*** FEATURES ***

. full source code included

. complete suite to generate, edit, update, resample resolution, smooth, split, stitch, texture, convert to mesh & export terrains

. data file processors to slice very high resolution heightmaps & imagery files into tiles suited for streaming

. image processors to automatically remove shadows, create colormaps and generate splatmaps