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Terrain Stitcher

Download Terrain Stitcher Free Unity. 

Terrain Stitcher With Terrain Stitcher/Stapler you can blend/stitch neighbour terrains using advanced or simple mathematical function. If you get hole at terrains border, during your work process you can easily blend it and remove. You can chose blend rage and mathematics function power. System contains blended LOD system for neighbour terrains, which remove LOD differences between terrain LODs. Using Terrain Stitcher you can blend selected in hierarchy window terrains, or every terrain that exist in your current scene, simply in one click. Pack also contains free open source matrix operations and algorithms library.

Terrain scaler – it’s a script that will give you ability to rescale your terrain height without losing height data. The pack contains:

– Terrain Stitch system

– Terrain Scaler

– Terrain Height Offset tool.

– Smooth terrain LOD’s on borders script