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Terrain Grid System 2

TGS2 is here! With multi-tile terrain support and dozens of new features and improvements across the asset. Built upon the robustness of previous TGS, this new major upgrade is a must-have for 2D and 3D grid generation. Read what’s new here.

Terrain Grid System 2 is an advanced grid generator and territory/cell highlighter with powerful features for both Terrain and 2D grids.

– Are you working on a strategy or RTS game and want to quickly highlight cells under some units or show territories under control?

– Do you wish to allow the player choose a destination over a terrain?

– Or do you simply want an interactive grid over any terrain or mesh?

This is the perfect asset for that!

**Key Features**

– Easy to use. Add Terrain Grid System script to your terrain, gameobject or group of objects to instantly attach and configure the grid. Or drag & drop the prefab to use it in stand-alone mode (no terrain mode).

– Configurable, fully interactive and fast grid generation, including Voronoi tessellation, box/squared, rectangular and hexagonal types.

– Compatible with Unity standard terrain (single and multi-tile), mesh-based terrains or any gameobject with a mesh.

– Change visibility, color or texture of cells from Unity editor with the integrated grid editor.

– Produces highly optimized grid mesh with reduced vertex count.

– Two levels of regions: cells and territories.

– Fastest selectable and highlighting system for both cells and territories.

– Coloring and fade out support for both cells and territories.

– A* Pathfinding for boxed and hexagonal grids with customizable cell weights and obstacles. Also support for units that occupy more than one cell (minimum clearance option).

– Easily define blocking cells or assign cells to different groups (zones, obstacles, custom navigatable paths, …)

– Get neighbours or cells in range according to crossing cost, max steps or cell group masks

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