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Terrain Former

Download Terrain Former FREE Unity. 

Terrain Former is an intuitive and simple terrain editor for Unity with support for multiple terrains, allowing for terrains suitable for even the biggest open-world games.

– Full multi-terrain support—sculpt seamlessly across multiple terrains.
– Raise/Lower,
– Grab
– Smooth,
– Flatten (with Bridge, Extend modes),
– Set Height,
– Paint Texture,
– Heightmap Importer, Heightmap Export to EXR,
– Mould (formerly Shrink Wrap),
– Generate—generate terrain that follows a curve (w/ linear and circular modes)
– Terrain Grid Creator Wizard,
– All tools work across terrain grids

Terrain Former addresses all of the major issues with Unity’s built-in terrain editor, such as the painfully slow smoothing tool and its constrained brush size.

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