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Terrain Composer 2

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Terrain Composer 2 could be a powerful node primarily based multi-terrain tile generator. TC2 makes use of the newest GPU technology to present you an instant period of time results, that makes making terrains quicker and simpler than ever before. TC2 its folder like layer system and progress is comparable thereto of Photoshop, that creates it doable to possess full management and make fast changes any time throughout the progress.

Support is the side for Unity waterproof Editor that desires the newest Unity five.6 and a GPU that supports Metal. Terrain Composer 2 generates Unity terrains that support all platforms.

– Includes several examples and presets.
– Multi terrain-tile support out of the box, TC2 treats it joined piece of land.
– Linear graphical node primarily based GUI interface. Specially designed for user-friendliness, cleanliness, summary and scaleability. For beginners, it is straightforward to find out and for specialists and artists a breeze to figure with.
– A folder like a layering system that is comparable to Photoshop its layer system.
– Advanced masking, use an infinite quantity of masks on a layer and layer cluster.
– Makes use of the newest GPU technology to present period of time results. No want for visualizers, estimate and waiting what would possibly happen.
– No trouble with orienting of nodes and no crossing node affiliation wires everywhere your screen. simply drag and drop your node wherever you would like it and it’ll snap in situ.
– One powerful progress to make a whole piece of land with height-maps, splat texturing, colour-maps, putting vegetation and objects.
– Advanced presets. Uses Unity’s drag and drop prefab system to save/load presets which might be a node, a layer or a whole layer cluster.
– Biomes, unlimited freedom with the number of nodes, teams and levels. every group/level may be covert, remodelled, cloned and saved/loaded with drag and drop. that makes it doable to make piece of lands at intervals your terrain.
– Terrains are totally scalable and expandable. Terrain Composer 2 generates in world house. thus regardless of however, you position the piece of lands or what percentage terrain tiles, it’ll continually generate at an equivalent position. thus you’ll expand/shrink your world anytime throughout the progress while not the requirement of re-positioning or re-scaling of nodes.
– Export height-maps, splat-maps, colour-maps and traditional maps.
– Automatic piece of land adapting supported manually placed objects. The method the piece of land and spawned objects adapt is all supported however you set up the nodes with rules in TC2.
– enclosed complete noise library as well as erosion wanting noises: Perlin, Billow, Multi-fractal, Cell noise, IQ, Swiss, Jordan and Random with every several variations.
– several node rules like height, angle, splat map, collision, convexity, noises, mathematical shapes, pictures and sixteen-bit raw images.
– Mathematical shapes: Circle, gradient, parallelogram and constant.
– maybe utilized in runtime and generates radical quick, desires DirectX11 or Metal.
– enclosed ASCII text file with clean C# code. every node kind and node teams have its own GameObject with a hooked up script and might be simply changed in run-time.
– Advanced and simple to use stamp node, and includes high-resolution stamps.
– Image node for mistreatment pictures for input and masks.
– Mesh collision notice system that’s freelance of physics colliders and is component correct.
– world seed and seed on several levels for the procedural noises to make the randomised piece of land.
– RTPv3 integration with motor vehicle colour-map and normal-map assignment.
– Node window uses culling and might contain a large number of nodes. what’s not on the screen isn’t drawn.

Not solely charge is taken concerning simplicity, clean interface, usability etc. however TC2 has a massive increase in power, freedom, scalability, diversity and performance. TC2 is actually a ‘Next Generation’ piece of land tool that may generate on the GPU, creating it able to produce and update terrains with frames per second that produces it even doable to animate terrains. This opens the doors for a fast period of time streaming.