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TerraFormer – Advanced Terrain Shader

TerraFormer is an advanced modular terrain shader with high-end features targeting desktops & consoles to bring realistic visuals in Unity. It’s fully PBR and brings colors & life to your terrains 🙂

???? TerraFormer comes with 2 types of Standard & Tessellated (HDRP Only) versions each supporting up to 8 terrain layers in 1 pass exclusively developed for HDRP & URP.

The package also comes with 2 demo scenes of “Island” & “Mountains” to see the end result and a test-bed for changing terrain material parameters in real-time while targeting fully PBR rendering and high-end graphics.

TerraFormer works out of the box with any 3D environment assets including NatureManufacture’s. The 2 screenshots with mountains and trees are from Mountain Environment – Dynamic Nature where we only changed its default Unity terrain material with TerraFormer and boom ????


TerraFormer is produced on top of ShaderGraph where you can edit and customize any nodes and functions based on your needs while holding the power of Unity’s ShaderGraph system and guaranteed for the best performance.


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Using TerraFormer material on your terrains, you can get creative by feeding your own PBR terrain textures and create various styles and visuals based on the art concept of your project and continue with level designing stages so much easier and more beautiful in terms of visuals.

One of the key features of these shaders is performance as we could gain lower rendering time in milliseconds even compared to Unity’s default terrain shader in URP while providing dozens of fancy rendering features for a fully photorealistic shading as never seen before in any terrain shaders in Unity.

Also, we tried our best to make the material UI user-friendly and intuitive by implementing a custom interface so that users can easily change parameters and receive immediate feedback on terrain surfaces.

TerraFormer is a product of of 2 years of development for a team of 3 including artists and programmers to pass thousands of tips, tricks, hints, bugs, glitches, errors and… to be in your hands and still improving.

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⚡ Performance: TerraFormer supports Instanced Drawing for all shaders to greatly improve terrain rendering performance by taking most of rendering fully on GPU which lowers drawcalls significantly and also brings so much better visuals for terrain shadows and per-pixel normalmaps

⚡ Color Tint: Each terrain layer can have its color tint blended with its albedo texture for color controls on surface