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Technie Collider Creator 2

???? Automatic & Hand Crafted ???? Accurate collision with concaves & holes | For Rigid & Skinned Meshes | FAST | PRECISE | PERFORMANCE YOU CONTROL

Need fast, accurate physics?

The Technie Collider Creator 2 lets you quickly create accurate colliders for the most awkwardly shaped objects and characters.

Simple, Intuitive Workflow

Just select your object and start painting what you want your physics hull to contain. Add as many hulls to an object as you need to get the accuracy your game requires.

Or select all faces and just use our automatic hull generation! Combine auto and manual painting to get exactly what you want.

Makes Skinned Character Physics A Breeze

The auto character setup gives you colliders for a skinned mesh in a single click, then refine further with precision tools that make it easy to get accurate results.

Handles Tricky Objects

Because it’s entirely user driven, tricky objects are no problem. Make robust colliders for hollow objects, spindly objects, arches and other awkward shapes easily.