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Task Atlas – Keep On Track And Finish YOUR Game

Download Task Atlas Free Unity. 

Minimum Unity Version Required: | Asset Published Date: Apr 26, 2021 |
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FINISH YOUR GAME with Task Atlas!


Introducing Task Atlas! The most unique Project Management tool for Unity! Finally, put your thoughts where they belong, right inside your scene!

Task Atlas will give you the organization, and motivation, to finish your game.
Not only will you be able to keep track of what you’re working on, you will be able to navigate and understand your creation in ways you never imagined.
Press one button and the Scene window turns into an interactive map, with landmarks showing all the areas that need your attention.
Press it again, and return where you left off and keep building.

Not just your everyday “Task Manager”, Task Atlas was built by a developer for developers from the ground up and can ;only ;exist in Unity.

Is your current project manager always out of date? What if your “screenshots” were automatically able to update themselves with the latest progress?

Wouldn’t it be great to stick a note, literally next to an area that needs attention?

Maybe you’re trying to imitate a real life mountain stream, how awesome would it be to have a reference gallery full of images you inspire you as you build it out?

Be organized where you are organizing! Once you load up Task Atlas you’ll instantly realize that it just makes sense to plan your project, inside your project itself.


Here`s how ;Task Atlas ;will help you overcome the odds, keep you motivated, and inevitably lead you to rockstar success and the adoration of all those who ever dared to roll their eyes at you.