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Tactical Shooter AI

Download Tactical Shooter AI FREE Unity

Add dynamic and difficult AI to your game! produce AI agents capable of coordinative techniques, taking cover, and fascinating foes with a spread of devastating weapons!

Feature List:

-The full cover system that supports cover that’s each pre-marked and located mechanically at run-time. Enemies flank, fall back, associated advance to keep up an optimum plan of action position.

–Battlefield interaction! as an example, an associate agent might widen an explosive barrel once enemies are near or move a table to form cover!

–Advanced tactics! Agents will coordinate flanking and suppressing fireplace so as to attack a foothold. ways can even collapse if the commanding agent is defeated.

–Customize agents to develop radically completely different units. produce a plan of action Special Forces, small-arm wielding berserkers, and careful snipers.

–Multiple movement animations! Agents will leap to the facet to dodge an attack, leap over a spot to induce to a destination or vault a brief shut in order to require cowl behind it.

Tactical Shooter AI FREE Easily integrates with UFPS. conjointly includes integration directions for RFPS.

-Robust damage system! Agents will take different amounts of harm if hit in numerous body components, and might be staggered by sturdy enough attacks!

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