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Sword and Shield Motion Pack

Download Sword & Shield Motion Pack FREE Unity 

The Sword and Shield Motion Pack, extra or add-on to the Motion Controller and empowers attachment and-play battle for your player character and non-player characters. The awesomely created pack is much more than a lot of activities. It handles development, focusing on, and assaults with cutting edge highlights like blocking, custom swords, and huge amounts of properties for you to play with.

This is the ideal pack to use out-of-the case or to gain from as It incorporates point by point documentation, all around organized and remarked code, and ootii’s wonderful help. While it was worked to reflect past Dark Souls games, you have all-out control to redo battle for your remarkable game.

Similarly, as with every one of my benefits, This Pack is fantastically measured. This permits you to make custom swords, yet you can utilize other stock arrangements, camera arrangements, or quality arrangements.


* 2 development styles

* 7 assault styles

* Blocking capacity

* Customizable/replaceable sword

* Customizable/replaceable shield

* Physics-based crashes

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