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Sword Animset Pro

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This bundle contains a lot of more than 170 movements caught animations for characters furnished with a sword. It likewise contains a TPP sword battling game layout or template with simple “Drag and Drop” Player and Enemies controllers, made in PlayMaker visual scripting module in Unity.

You need PlayMaker for the controller to work


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In the event that you would prefer not to utilize PlayMaker, you can, in any case, utilize all the animations to construct your own controller. The animations don’t expect PlayMaker to work.

All animations are in FBX position, prepared on Autodesk HIK skeleton, utilized in the entirety of Kubold’s animation bundles. They use Mecanim Humanoid Rig, yet can be changed over to Generic or Legacy rig. All animations, with the exception of platformer hopping, use Root Motion.

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Included movements:

– strolling

– running

– assaults

– parrys, squares

– hits

– counters

– passings

– knockdowns

– falling

– bouncing (platformer style)