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Sword and Shield Animset Pro

Download Sword and Shield Animset Pro Free Unity

This package contains a collection of over one hundred twenty motion captured animations for characters armed with arm and protect. It additionally contains 2 arm fighting game templates with “drag and drops” Player and Enemies controllers, created in PlayMaker visual scripting plugin in Unity:

TPP Slasher
Sidescrolling Platformer

Update 1.15 adds diagonal animations for walking and running.




You need PlayMaker for the controller to figure

Video – TPP Slasher game example
Video – Platformer game example
Video – animations presentation. Knight model from the video isn’t enclosed
www – FAQ

If you don’t need to use PlayMaker, you’ll still use all the animations to create your own controller. The animations don’t need PlayMaker to figure.

All animations are in FBX format, baked-on Autodesk HIK skeleton, utilized in all Kubold’s animation packages. They use Mecanim mechanical man Rig, however, are often reborn to Generic or gift rig. All animations, except platformer jumping, use Root Motion.