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Switch The Gravity

Clean, simple and easy to understand fully commented and documented C# code.

This pack includes:

✪ Full game ready to use.
✪ Input touch controller for mobile
✪ Mouse input controller for web and desktop (mac and windows).
✪ Easily change directly in the editor.
✪ Procedural infinite level generation.
✪ Spawn pool.

This pack is ready to use and compatible with:

✪ Leaderboard (iOS Game Center and Android Google Play Game Service): this game is compatible with Very Simple Leaderboard. Get it here: Very Simple Leaderboard, and import it to your project and you will ready to use leaderboard in a minute!
✪ Social sharing: Today we know many apps and games which provide general sharing of screenshots, of messages, scores, promotional images and much more. Very Simple Share do it for you. Get it here: Very Simple Share.
✪ GIF sharing with Very Simple Gif: this game is compatible Very Simple Gif
.Get it here: Very Simple Gif
import it to your project and you will ready to record your screen and share GIF from this record!
✪ Rating System with a bad reviews protection guarantee? Try Very Simple Rate Us. Get it here: Very Simple Rate Us. ✪ ADS (banner, static full-screen interstitial, video ads, rewarded video) with Very Simple Ads: this game is compatible with Very Simple Ads. Get it here: Very Simple Ads, import it to your project and you will ready to monetize your game in a minute!

Check out the details from the Unity Asset Store:

Now download Switch The Gravity FREE Unity

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