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Swipe throw games (PC and Mobile)

This is ‘ready for sell’ games templates where you can throw objects to hit targets or baskets.
Fully supports PC and MOBILE with its controls types.
On PC use mouse to throw, with mobile controls use finger to swipe and throw.
Screen independent system allows you to use this asset on every display and do not worry about different power of throw on different screen sizes and resolutions.

you need to throw ball into basket. After each throw basket changes its position (random basket will appear). (Note: this is just a ball throwing game and its not full basketball game with many players, 2 teams etc)
Second Game – ‘EGGS GAME’:

you need to throw eggs and snowballs to hit targets. Targets can be static or dynamic and you can easily configure their movement just by tuning Animation Curves on each axis! You are open for experiments and creativity! You can easily configure all game rules and create your own levels and add your models as balls to throw.
Asset Features:
● EGGS GAME (with PC and MOBILE controls)
● BASKETBALL GAME (with PC and MOBILE controls)
● A lots of main and optional scripts
● 2 background music tracks

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