Swimming Motion Pack

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Add swimming to your game!

The Swimming Motion Pack is an associate add-on to the Motion Controller and permits plug-and-play swimming for your player character. The pack is much over simply a group of animations. It handles diving, swimming, and exiting the water with advanced options like particle effects and sounds.

This is the right pack to use out-of-the-box or to find out from because it includes careful documentation, well structured and commented code and ootii’s awe-inspiring support.

As with all my assets, this awesomely crafted pack is implausibly standard. this permits you to not solely produce custom particle effects, however, you’ll be able to use different input solutions, camera solutions, or sounds.

* Slow and quick swimming
* Enter water by walking
* Enter water by diving
* Exit water by walking
* Exit water by mounting
* Customizable effects
* Customizable sounds
* easy buoyancy
* Rise/sink with water level
* Body tilting
* fast setup
* standard style
* C# code enclosed
* awe-inspiring support

Check out the details asset from Unity Asset Store: Know more

Now download Swimming Motion Pack FREE Unity

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