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SVG Importer

Download SVG Importer FREE Unity

Vector Graphics in Unity

Virtual Reality supported.

Included cutting edge UI Demo.

SVG importer consequently changes over SVG documents into exceptionally upgraded networks and completely bolsters straight and outspread angles.

Just simplified your SVG documents legitimately in your scene. SVG merchant completely mirrors Unity local sprites so your group doesn’t need to get the hang of anything new. The amazingly quick and straightforward work process for fast level structure. Goals autonomous prepared for retina shows and completely bolsters the new

Solidarity UI framework.

Good with

• Adobe Illustrator

• Adobe Flash

• Corel Draw

• Affinity Designer

• Inkscape


• Fully cross-stage

• UI rendering and 9 cut

• Realtime Import

• Realtime Mesh Modifiers

• Individual Layer Selection

• Automatically improved colliders

• Frame by outline liveliness

• Unity dynamic lights

• Custom materials

• Geometry antialiasing

• Opaque and straightforward rendering

• Manual degree of detail

• Depth pressure