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Survivalist MacGyver Pack

Download Survivalist MacGyver Pack FREE Unity. 

25% SALE!!!

This extremely affordable package contains 15 items essential for your survival. All made with love and care!

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Items (Polygons):
– Backpack (1364P)
– Battery (84P)
– Compass (221P)
– Duct tape (96P)
– Flare (132P)
– Flashlight (240P)
– Ham radio (1232P)
– Knife (309P)
– Lighter (280P)
– Lighter fluid (254P)
– Map pouch (318P)
– Mess kit (168P)
– Shovel (404P)
– Trail stove (634P)
– Water canteen (300P)

The models are between 84 and 1364 polygons. The package comes with 1024×1024 and 2048×2048 atlas textures: diffuse (Unity 4), albedo (Unity 5) and normal maps. There are also prefabs for all the different texture resolutions to make life easier for you.