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Survival Engine Online

Survival Engine is a game template to create your own survival or simulation game. This online version includes multiplayer gameplay with Netcode.

Survival Engine + Farming Engine + Multiplayer


This asset was just released, please expect some issues. If you find anything that doesn’t work correctly, contact me or report it on Discord. I will put a priority on fixing issues as soon as possible.

Important: Multiplayer and networking is a lot more advanced! Adding your own features will require a good knowledge of C# and Unity. If you are a beginner, I strongly suggest to start with the offline version of the asset:

Survival Engine

Farming Engine

Networking Options

-Peer to peer (including LAN)

-Dedicated Server (can be hosted anywhere)

-Relay Server (using Unity Relay Services)

Lobby Server

The lobby server can be hosted online, and it helps players to find each other and connect to a game, instead of connecting directly with IP address.

Networking Framework

Survival Engine Online is built on top of Netcode for GameObjects, the official Unity networking framework. Some features have been reworked, like the object system and spawning system, in order to improve performance and allow to have a lot more networked objects in your scene.

Gameplay Features

-Controls: Mouse, Keyboard, Mobile Touch, or Gamepad

-Top-Down or Third-Person

-Inventory system

-Crafting system

-Character Equipment

-Resource gathering

-Character attributes (health, hunger, thirst…)

-Animal behaviors (wander, escape, chase)

-Hunting and Fishing

-Farming (hoe, watering, sowing seeds, and plant growth)

-Eating and cooking

-Melee and Ranged attacks

-Item durability and food spoilage

-Storage boxes (chest)

-Pets (follow, attack and dig behaviors)

-Leveling system and XP

-Bonus effects (Consumable or equipment).

-Temperature, cold and heat sources.

-Customizable Actions

-Game clock, day/night cycle

-Save/Load system

Engine Strengths

-Perfect choice to add co-op play to survival / farming engine

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