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Survival Engine Crafting Building Farming

Survival Engine is a game template to create your own survival or simulation game. It includes an inventory, crafting, building, hunting, fighting, a save system and much more.

The code you need to get started on a survival or simulation game. Add new items, constructions, and plants from the Unity inspector, re-skin with your own models, customize the code to your needs and get the survival adventure started!


-Player controls (mouse, mobile touch, and keyboard).

-Inventory system

-Crafting system

-Equipment (attached to character)

-Resource gathering

-Character attributes (health, hunger, thirst…)

-Animal behaviors (wander, escape, chase)

-Hunting and Fishing

-Farming (Sowing seeds, and plant/fruit growth)

-Eating and cooking

-Combat (against wild animals)

-Item durability and food spoilage

-Storage boxes (chest)

-Pets (follow, attack and dig behaviors)

-Bonus effects (Consumable or equipment that boost stats).

-Temperature, cold and heat sources.

-Customizable Actions (streamlined way to include your own code)

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