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Super Tilemap Editor

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Super Tilemap Editor is the rated, powerful and simple to use tile editor with everything you would like to make any game supported tiles. Use it not solely to make tilemaps however additionally as a strong level editor inserting prefabs as if they were tiles.

*** options ***
• straightforward and fun to use
• Full Editor integration
• Export to Png any tilemap or tilemap cluster
• Attach a prefab to any tile
• Tile Vertex Painting New in V1.4.5
• Pyxel Edit import (experimental & unsupported)
• covered TMX import *(only for rectangular tiles however not for objects, animations, collisions, …)
• Tilemap optical phenomenon New in V1.4.3
• Run-Time tilemap generation with colliders
• produce Tile Views or Tile prefabs for straightforward painting
• totally customizable second & 3D seamless tile colliders created on the fly
• Tilemap teams (aka tilemap layers)
• totally Customizable Brushes
• Auto tiling modes: self, alternative & cluster
• Support for divided auto tiling
• Copy, Cut, Fill, Rotate and Flip tile edition
• Tint, pel Snap and Sorting render choices
• Tile and brush user parameters: int, float, bool & prefab
• Tile and brush prefab creation
• Full Source code text file offered
• Optimized for mobile devices
• Reduced scene size
• 2 tilesets (platformer & rogue) victimization CC0 Kenney’s assets and demo scenes