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Super Realistic Diamond Shaders

Super Realistic Diamond Shaders is an asset with fast technology for rendering physically correct diamonds, diamonds can be refracted as in real life with internal reflections with light dispersion. This asset includes such technologies as baking these models in advance so that the shader works very quickly in real time (you can also run it at runtime), Flares Effect for the camera, and Mirror Reflection for reflections on the floor. This works on mobile phones and together with AR, with WEBGL, as well as with URP and HDRP. Inside there is documentation that describes the operation of the asset components, everything is quite intuitive.

(Flares Effect for the camera, work for standard render pipline and URP, but diamond shaders work for all rendering pipelines. Mirror Reflection for reflections on the floor work only for standard render pipline )

The advantages of this asset are:

high quality and realism;

Many factors of real physics are taken into account;

convenient and quick setup;

high detail support;

Built-in performance management capabilities, can be customized for your project, whether for a mobile game or for an application for selling jewelry with maximum realism.

Inside the documentation there are many tips on how to do this

Flares Effect is a post effect for the camera that creates light flashes, it is optional for the diamond to work, but it can make the scene more full and lively.
There is also a Flares Effect for HDRP, but it is not in the package because it has not been finalized for the asset store, HDRP itself still has errors and some problems, it is not tested enough, so if you have already bought an asset, then contact me and I will send you Flares Effect for HDRP and show you how use it. But in the future, Flares Effect will be updated for HDRP and in the asset store.
Here are some examples of using this resource:

Minecraft simulation right in Unity3d

Hight-polygonal diamond model