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Super Platformer Assets

Super Platformer Assets is the best pixel tileset for platformer, side scrolling, action, jumping, adventure and all kind of 2D mobile and web games.

– Includes all of the graphics as layered PSD and transparent PNGs
– Player: idle, run, roll, jump, fall, wall-jump, climb, bow attack animations
– Enemies: Bat, Slime, Patrolling
– Tileset: (16×16px) 40 Platform (ground) Tiles. They are pretty much all you will need. (All items are NOT in the same size! (explosion, menu buttons etc.))
– HP – Score UI, Boxes, Treasure, Bomb, Coins, Hearts.
– Moving platforms types, Ice, Fire, Mushroom, Spikes, Weak blocks.
– Ladder, Water, Flies, Torch, Long Living Grass, Rocks, Plain Grass, Grass with Flowers, Bridge. (Torch, grass, and dust animation frames are not included. These mechanics created with Construct2 plugins for the preview video.)
– The Mechanics and a test scene are NOT included. All mechanics are shown in the demo made with Construct2.

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