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Super Hospital Pack

More than 300 game models for your game development. CLICK HERE to see more on store list!

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Super series Hospital pack

Super series characters are low poly, cartoony, cute and very easy to use! They are modular. Just drag prefabs to attach points to customize them. If you have experience in coding, you can easily set up a character customization system. See preview images to learn more about character customization.

Character’s rig and animations:
They are humanoid mecanim rig set up in Unity. We have included a few animations in this pack. They are mostly for demo purpose. It’s recommended to use your own humanoid animations, animations from asset store and Mixamo (free) animations with these characters. Learn more about Mecanim here

Animations included are:
– Stand Idle
– Stand Talk 01 pose
– Stand Talk 02 pose
– Stand Welcome pose
– Sit Idle
– Sit Idle Relaxed pose
– Sit Idle look left pose
– Sit Idle working pose
– Lay down flat 01
– Lay down flat 02
– Walk forward in place
– Walk forward with root
– Run forward in place
– Run forward with root

Character’s mesh, materials, shaders and textures:
One customized character is about 1100 tris. Textures are set to 512 x 512 or below in Unity. PSD texture source files are mostly using 1024 x 1024, therefore you can upres the texture if you want to. Most of the accessories and body parts are using same shader ‘ Standard ‘, and different materials.

More than 200 accessories prefabs are included in this pack. They are:
– Bags
– Beards
– Earrings
– FX
– Glasses
– Hair
– Headwears
– Broom
– Note folder
– Scarfs – Stethoscopes
See preview images and videos for more info

More than 200 Body Parts prefabs are included in this pack. They are:
– Bottoms
– Faces
– Heads
– L Foot
– L Hand
– R Foot
– R Foot
– Skirts
– Tops
See preview images and videos for more info

Environment Introduction:
Environment props are modular. Use Unity’s free Progrids to snap and place them easily in the scene. See preview images to learn more about using environment props in Super Hospital Pack.