Super Combiner

Download Super Combiner FREE Unity. 

The Super Combiner package is an essential tool for optimization.
This asset allows you to combine materials and meshes to highly reduce draw calls and significantly improve FPS.

Because optimization is crucial in games specially those targetting mobile devices (and even more in VR), Super Combiner will bakes your materials and meshes together to fully benefit static and dynamic batching.

* Absolute non destructive workflow (source asset remain absolutely intact)
* Very easy to use and optimized workflow
* Save and export the ready to use combined assets: textures atlas (PNG format), materials, meshes, 3D models (OBJ format) and prefab
* Texture atlas automatically generated
* Works with all material and shader
* UVs, Normals and Tangents are automatically adjusted
* Can handle tiled textures and meshes with UV out of (0, 1) bound (source texture will be tiled in atlas texture)
* Combine all different materials into a unique material with texture atlas. All meshes and prefabs will share this material (only one draw call for rendering)
* Works either way in editor mode and at runtime
* Works with SkinnedMeshes
* Animations, bones and blendShapes on SkinnedMeshes remain intact
* Combine all Meshes / SkinnedMeshes into a unique Mesh
* Supports removing meshes from the combined mesh at runtime
* Combine SkinnedMeshes into a unique skinnedMesh preserving animations
* (New!) Support multi-material (generate various combined material given the list of source materials)
* Prefabs already exported will be automatically updated (not overridden) so you don’t loose any work when recombining
* Substances are not supported
* Works with LOD

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