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SUNTAIL – Stylized Fantasy Village

Download SUNTAIL – Stylized Fantasy Village Free Unity. 

Suntail – is a package that contains everything you need to create a fantasy medieval village: models, textures, FX, shaders, sounds and more. Fully customizable and flexible.

227 prefabs and 84 sounds to make a complete medieval fantasy village. Suntail contains everything you need for your creativity.

Custom shaders allow you to customize your content however you like: change the colors and textures of houses, add secondary colors for trees and grass. You can easily customize Suntail to suit your project.

Suntail has scripts for demonstrating sounds: a character controller with a system that reproduces the sound of steps on different surfaces; a script that allows you to drag objects with the sound of falling; a sound zone control system that mutes outdoor sounds inside houses; a script for opening doors with sound.

All models have LOD’s with smooth transition effect between them.

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