Summer Beach Cartoon Pack – VR/Mobile

Download Summer Beach Cartoon Pack – VR/Mobile Free Unity. 

Get yourself ready with this summer themed pack ! This pack contains cartoons assets to make a beautiful beach.

Compatible with all versions of Unity (From unity 4 to unity 2019) !

-WebGL DEMO- –

One rich detailed scenes are included : One daylight scene and one night version of the scene.

Every asset is optimized, and there is more than 250 prefabs! There are four textures (without FX) : One sand texture / one water shore texture / only two texture for ALL the props.

Every Model is optimized :
-Huts (500/1000 tris)
-Furniture (90/1000 tris)
-Small props (30/200 tris)
-Plants (200/700 tris)

This pack contains :

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