Stylizer – Basic

Download Stylizer – Basic FREE Unity. 

Update 1.3 – Added Full Support for Unity 2020 (URP Support – Post Processing Only & Standard 3D).

Unity Awards 2017 Finalist
Stylizer is a drag & drop Unity Extension that can change the look of your game in a unique way. It can unify your colors in consistent way & pixelate your screen. As you will see it’s really easy to use and can dramatically change the look of your game in seconds.

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In Stylizer Image Effect you can play with three layers to:
▲ Change the colors of your game using palette tool and mix those colors with patterns to achieve different looks.
▲ Pixelate your screen to give it a pixel — art aesthetic
▲ Apply grain to get more detaill

The package contains a few material shaders which can be used to create same results as dithering layer in image effect. There are in total eight dithered shaders available. ‘Standard’ and ‘Diffuse’ (Lambert) specify the lighting method used before the dithering effect is applied to the material.

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