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Stylized Water Toon Shader – Mobile Ready

When water intersects with other object this shader create a shadow so that object can be seen underwater


Based on camera position you can create a gradient dark/light color, the more you go further the darker water become

— Compatibility —

Rendering Pipeline

This shader support the unity default rendering pipeline and the LWRP but doesn’t support HD rendering pipeline.

Unity version

The minimum supported unity version for this package is 2019.2.0 but the shader is supported also with older versions (from 2018.4.38). I will add support for older version


The minimum hardware requirement is a mobile compatible with OPENGL ES 3.0. Every devices release after 2012 are supported.


The shader doesn’t react to external light, like point light or spot light because It’s optimized to work with mobile


The package provide you everything you need to start working with the shader An example scene with palm tree, rocks, island, grass and a water material made with this shader. Two material example ready to use and 9 texture: 4 for alpha, 2 for gradient and 3 for foam

Check out the details from the Unity Asset Store:

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