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Stylized Trees and Foliage

Stylized Trees and Foliage features an assortment of trees, and bushes for your scenes.

With many options for materials, and modularity. Multi-colored leaf possibilities on the materials, and even modular tree creations where you get to build your own trees out of the modular prefabs that i have made available.
Important! Rather than making a new video to show off this new update for V2, ive instead made a semi-large public demo scene for all to try. This demo scene features all new trees included for V2, and showcases some of my other packs mixed and matched with these trees.

The Following packs can be seen in the demo scene: Stylized Poly Rock Formations, Stylized Poly Cave Formations, This Trees Pack, Medieval Mega Marketplace, MMP- Houses Addon.

If youd like to play the demo, to try before you buy, then the steps are simple:
– All I ask is to Join my Aquarius Max Discord and head on over to the #demo-scenes tab, and download the zipped file. Then unzip, click on the Unity application, and have a go!

175 Total New Trees and Plant Prefabs!
V 2.0: New Prefabs = 64 nature prefabs!

– New grass texture, great for fast painting onto terrain

V 2.1:
– 16 new flowers.
– Merged pine trees, for better use with other nature environment packs.

– Choppable trees, 2 different sets, for a simple way to chop down trees. (please note there are no scripts to chop trees, but instead just the meshes with detachable parts for you to add your own animations or logic!)

– URP support has been added, with two Shader Graph materials, for the leaves and plants!

New Folder = Set 3
Set 3 trees are fully merged together, compared to previous updates with leaves and trunks separate.
This way you can utilize other tools on the store to quickly and easily bring these trees into your scene much more efficiently!

Set 3 Folder:
– 4 birch
– 9 saplings
– 3 split trees
– 9 standard trees (Maple, Oak variants)
– 3 Tall Trees
– 3 thin trees
– 3 larger thicker trees
– 3 massive trees

V 1.25: New Prefabs = 95 nature prefabs!

Now onto Version 2.0:
New prefabs tris counts at LOD 0:
– NEW V2.0:
Larger more thick and massive trees range on average between 8k – 11k tris at LOD 0, and roughly 3k -5k tris at the lowest. (This is to still keep great details from afar, as these larger trees are more advanced and detailed than previous! All other LOD counts remain around the same averages as previous releases!).

All other tris average counts:
– Trees – average 4k – 5k tris.
– Saplings – average 1k – 2k tris.
– Small Plants – average 200 – 400 tris.
– Grass Clusters – average 100 – 300 tris.

New Prefab Types: (V 1.25)
– 30 Total New Prefabs!
– Falling leaves particle effect
– 7 small plants
– 4 grass clusters
– 9 oak, maple variants
– 3 birch trees
– 4 bushes
– 3 saplings
– 9 new materials for this second set

All Rocks shown in the video are from my other pack in the series:
Stylized Poly Rock Formations

This pack also works great for painting these prefabs onto the terrain, using plenty of 3D brush tools, and tested with:
Mega World
Mesh Maker